Cut your hair at home with style for remote work

how to cut your hair at home

Let’s be honest, these past 2 months have been a shock for most people, and unless you have been hiding under the sand or have no access to the internet, one thing is for sure: while this Corona crisis, your hair are getting long and there’s not much you can do about it. One of the most searched keywords has been how to cut your hair at home, so here’s some help!

Actually…….that is true. Hair salons for the ladies and barber shops for men are totally closed everywhere and it’s getting more and more embarrassing doing these remote sessions with either colleagues for work or with friends with hair totally out of control!

Ladies cut your own hair at home!

But, with interesting times come interesting challenges, and these steps below are easy actions for anyone to do at home. You will also need a bit of trial and error. We will not get professional results – or maybe we will – so bear that in mind!

With that being said, you can do some research or have a look at the YT links that I carefully selected for you below! They were quite helpful in helping my wife cut my hair.

Things you are going to need:

– good scissors
– clipper
– sprayer
– comb
– hair dryer
– boyfriend or girlfriend 🙂

Basic Men’s Haircut at Home | DIY
How to cut your boyfriend’s hair
Professional straight hair cut :
Easy straight haircut :

Most importantly, if you want to try cutting your OWN hair, have a look at these:

For Men

How to cut your own hair :

For Women

How to cut your own hair straight :
How to cut your own hair short and straight :

Hope you really enjoyed this selection of links to cut your hair at home (whether is for yourself or you are cutting someone else’s)

Interestingly, keeping yourself presentable is not so difficult and it will give you that extra boost of confidence you were looking for!

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