About Gabrio Linari

My name is Gabrio Linari; I am Italian and work as Growth Marketing Director for a variety of clients at ROCK SEO, my own company. I work for companies worldwide.

I truly relish connecting with people, training individuals in SEO, understanding business challenges, and leveraging my expertise and having fun while doing it.

For years, I have followed Shaun T’s Insanity workout regimen, and I continue to train daily. True to its name, the workouts were, in fact, extreme.

When not immersed in work, I find solace in leisurely strolls with my canine companion, Rocky, and find a therapeutic sense of calm in cleaning my car after long hours in front of the computer.

If you wish to connect with me, drop me a line on LinkedIn or Twitter (and no, I’m not calling it “X”!).

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Gab, how did you end up doing SEO?

D.O.S. Times 💻

From a young age, I’ve been captivated by computers and always considered myself a computer geek. My dad introduced me to DOS on our 386 computer—yes, the kind that required multiple floppy disks just to load Windows. It wasn’t uncommon for those disks to corrupt, forcing a fresh start. Although the machine operated at a snail’s pace, it’s a significant part of my childhood memories, alongside VHS tapes. Those were the days!

386 computer
My first computer was something like this.

When the internet era dawned, my close friend F. had a 30-hour weekly BBS access. We’d spend our weekends exploring it. Even though I began to grasp its use, I hadn’t yet realized its true potential.

Gabrio Linari Photography 📸

Decades later, I found myself working as a professional photographer, connecting with incredible people and conducting workshops globally. There’s a section on this site titled “wanderlust photography,” which, while now leaning towards travel and leisure, showcases my fondness for night shots. Occasionally, I offer photography lessons.

gabrio photographer
At my old photo studio with my Nikon D3.

Cooking 👨‍🍳

After working as a photographer for a number of years, I decided to try another one of my passions: cooking. I mentioned earlier I’m Italian, right? Food’s in the blood, you know! I attended the prestigious Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School in London with the idea of working as a chef in the near future. It was an amazing experience; I met some incredible people and indulged in so much food! Tried my hand at a few posh London eateries and even a stint at a Hilton, but soon realized… maybe the chef’s life was a tad too spicy for me!

gabrio cordon bleu
An ordinary day at the Cordon Bleu, yes that’s the mean uniform.

Gabrio Linari & S.E.O. 🤖

So, I decided to go back to something that could put food on the table while also enabling me to support my family. By then, I was getting married and thought, “Hang on a minute, I know how to optimize a website… digital… London… hello!”

That marked the beginning of my digital journey into the fantastic world of SEO, starting in the ever-evolving atmosphere of London. There, I had the chance to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, experiencing events like Brighton SEO and more.

I’m genuinely grateful for the opportunity to transform my passion into full-time work. I believe we’re truly fortunate in this industry.

Over the past years, these roles have shaped my expertise, honed my skills, and fuelled my passion for delivering exceptional results:

Each role has enriched my understanding of SEO intricacies, allowing me to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions.

What else? Anything interesting?

Learning Korean

I’ve recently taken up a new endeavour. I am a huge fan of Korean culture and dream of wandering the bustling streets of Seoul someday, indulging in that delicious chicken ?. So, I’m attempting to learn Korean – it’s quite the challenge, LOL! Thanks Duo!