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By Gabrio Linari, Last Updated on 17 April 2024 (β)

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Welcome to Gabrio’s Web Links, a carefully curated collection of resources designed to serve a wide array of professional and personal interests. In no particular order (in case you’re wondering).

This collection includes affiliated links 💰.

AI Consultants

Gabrio’s Opinion: If you’re looking to become an AI entrepreneur, integrate AI into your current role or transform your services into co-pilots, Cien offers the insights you need. Even if your job is—or might be—impacted by AI, a 30-minute consultation with Cien can help you upskill and future-proof your career.

Our recent session was refreshing and thought-provoking, covering the latest AI trends for 2024. 🧠 power!

SEO Consultants Web Links

Federico is an SEO consultant and web designer in Trieste. I personally trained him a few years ago. His dedication and quick learning have made him a skilled, reliable professional in North Italy.

Branko Kral builds and runs teams and systems for doing hard things well. He produces content based on first-hand experience and deep topical expertise, so your sites can grow in authority, traffic, and revenue.

SEO Crawlers Web Links

Gabrio’s Take: If you’re well-versed in SEO, Screaming Frog should already be on your radar. It’s used by thousands of SEO professionals and agencies, offering comprehensive technical site audits. However, if you have a slower computer and you’re crawling a massive site (yes, huge e-com site, that’s you), you might as well take a walk and have a coffee. Both RAM and CPU take a significant hit, especially when crawling large e-commerce sites. Nonetheless, you can also set it up on Google cloud infrastructure, but it’s a bit of a faff.

Gabrio’s Perspective: OnCrawl offers robust capabilities for tracking and analyzing your site’s indexing behavior, delivering actionable insights for optimization. Furthermore, I find it particularly useful for monthly crawls and for analyzing very large websites—with 500k to 1M+ pages. Unlike other tools that are resource-intensive on your local machine, OnCrawl leverages cloud resources, ensuring it won’t drain your system’s RAM.

Banking for Remote SEO Consultants and World Travelers

Gabrio’s Point of View: Previously known as TransferWise, Wise offers transparent exchange rates and low fees, making it a great alternative to traditional banking. I highly recommend it for SEO consultants dealing with international clients or for anyone frequently traveling abroad. Besides, their Business account is a also great for SEO freelancers. I’ve been a satisfied user for over 12 years, consistently impressed by their reliability and speed.

Crypto Hardware Wallets and Web3 Apps

Gabrio’s Thoughts: I’ve known Wirex from years, they offer a modern alternative to traditional banking, specifically designed for web3 apps. The platform allows to transfer cryptocurrency to a dedicated card, providing a seamless way to stake, invest, and manage digital assets. In addition to its core functionality, Wirex delivers a comprehensive financial solution for the digital age.

Gabrio’s Opinion: Web-based wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to both security breaches and data loss. Remember: ‘Not your keys, not your crypto ‘. Individuals who do not practice OPSEC (Operational Security) are especially susceptible to such risks. Through the cost-effective Trezor One and the flagship Trezor T, each designed to provide robust protection against unauthorized access. These hardware wallets offer an easy-to-navigate interface for securely managing your holdings within a fortified ecosystem. Approved 🤝.

UK Web Hosting for SEO and Beyond

Gabrio’s View: I’ve been a customer of Hostpresto for over 10 years and find them a very reliable UK web hosting provider. Their pricing is competitive, and the quality of service aligns well with a dedicated hosting service. Furthermore, Hostpresto’s support is quick to respond during UK business hours—making them an excellent choice if you’re based in Europe. Whether you’re looking to host a personal website or a larger project, they are a very good option. What’s more, they operate on 100% renewable energy, something to consider if that’s important for you.

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