Photography Courses in Rovinj

Basic Photography Course in Rovinij

Rovinij from lungomare
Classic Rovinj shot from the new lungomare.

Rovinij or “Rovigno” doesn’t need any introduction, it’s a gorgeous town in Istria, which is the jewel of Croatia (some people prefer Dubrovnik but i digress)…. there are interesting quirky views of the old town and gorgeous sunsets to capture from the new lungomare that can really take your breath away.

Every time I wander around, usually while walking my dog, I discover new angles and interesting points of observation for doing photography in Rovigno and i go “hey this one is a great location for a nice landscape shoot, etc”. If you stop for a moment and contemplate, shooting locations will come to you very easily, effortless. You should try it!

For example, on the new lungomare you can admire upscale shops, bars and restaurants and the views are all breathtaking. I really like how they blended the new structures in the landscape and nature, it’s so tastefully made, a prime example of modern architecture in my opinion.

So, what’s the perfect way of capturing all this beauty and gorgeousness? How do you set up your camera in M? Is it better A or P? White balance? Happy to organise custom courses in this beautiful town if there’s good interest or group courses this winter 2022/2023. You will be able to surprise your family and friends next summer!

Moreover, have a look at my Photography Courses page for the type of classic topics to teach. I am quite flexible and that can be adapted according to one’s needs to learn photography in Rovinij.

Get in touch with me -> info AT and let’s discuss what you want to achieve with subject “Photography Course Rovinij” (i speak English and Italian and yes courses can be done in both languages ?). Ciao.